Takin it back to the old school, cause I’m an old fool, who’s so cool

And that’s how Jamie and I roll. We took it back to a Sunday brew. Since Wednesday was so cold, we decided to take advantage of the perfect weather yesterday and brew a batch of Wit. We got started a bit early for a Sunday, like 8 o’clock early, but that’s what it takes! Hard work, determination, sacrifice, and not drinking the night before…

Everything went perfectly as we’re starting to dial in every time now on the wit. It’s just like clockwork… I would like to try a little something extra in the wit sometime. A little hint of fruit maybe. Just to zest it up every once in a while.

One thing we want to do (if it works) is oxygenate the wort as we transfer it into the fermenter. Jamie had the idea of building a T into the beer line and hooking the O2 up to it as the wort flows past. Pretty awesome idea. Now we’ll just see if we can make it work without blowing everything up.



Our New Sparging Process…?

Last Wednesday was our greatest turnout of visitors yet, we had over sixty show up to taste our beer! Granted, it was the night before Thanksgiving which is a huge party night anyway, but I would like to think folks were coming to see us regardless! Unfortunately, our dwindling supply of beer was shot within an hour so many friends who came brought a craftily- brewed sixer with them to keep the festivities going.

We brewed the Wit again in order to stock up on our supplies for the Christmas Party. We should have at least 5 gallons of each: Pale, IPA, Wit, and Stout to enjoy for the party. The rest, I’m sure, will be consumed at the two tastings on Wednesdays prior.

Oh! I almost forgot about expounding on the title so fashionably displayed at the top…

img_01571BOOM! So, Wednesday night was pretty cold and both Rob and myself wussed out when it came to cleaning the brew kettle. A couple of brews in made it seem like a lovely idea to grace Jamie’s shower with it instead! Now, Jamie, waking up late the next morning, turning the water on without seeing the keg, and then being forced to carry the half-full kettle into the freezing outdoors in just his boxers didn’t make our TomFoolery quite as jovial… Heeheeeheee…

Another Saturday Night…


Yup. Sunday morning proved rough for a second week in a row (hence the reason for Sundays post being posted today). They say misery loves company so Sunday, to accompany me was Jamie, who was curled up in the fetal position next to me, and Rob who wasn’t feeling so good either. I tried to nurse them back with Revive Vitamin Water…it was Brutal.

Anyway, I manned-up and rousted the two so we could start brewing our Indie Pale Ale, an American style pale. We originally brewed this recipe as an IPA, but numerous reviews and updated style guidelines convinced us to simply decrease some hoppiness and call it an American Pale.

Brewing proved easy and relaxed with a sixty minute mash and boil. We expect a crisp, light, biscuity brew with floral hop notes in the finish.

Also, by this weekend our Six Wheat Under Belgian Wit should be ready for consumption.

[New Post]

– Chris

Yeah, it’s probably a good idea to get a post in before the end of the month, if for nothing else than to prove to you all that I still own a computer.

We’ve been a little light on beer-making lately, and even lighter on time, and I know that many of you are supremely disappointed to hear that (I check them blog stats and it appears that many of you still have held out hope!), but here’s a little re-cap of the last few weeks:

Two point five weeks ago (Mother’s Day weekend): no brewing that Sunday. We got busy with family stuff; hey, who can blame us. We DID however get fired up and decided to brew on Monday. That 5-gallon lot of Poztulator Wit came along quite well and is ready for bottling….now.

One point five weeks ago was brew day for our brand-new, ’08, ten-gallon, pale ale recipe. I personally am excited about its prospects. I think Steve is too. Actually I know he is; it’s his new baby. I was not excited about the prospects of our ten gallons of Mystery Witbier, as it definitely was contaminated with bad yeast devils. Thusly, our first pour-out of TEN GALLONS of beer occurred last week. I wept.

Last weekend was Charleston Wedding Leisure Explosion, so pretty much everybody was out of town, living it up with our newlywed friends Jeremy and Kristin Hall:

Part of that living it up did include a few cases of homebrew! Everyone who tried it (Indie Pale Ale, Cali Lagerithm, Stevie Money Honey) seemed to enjoy what they were trying, and not even just ’cause we’re all friends, which is great news. Only can improve from here!

We like our moms

– Chris

Mother’s Day happens tomorrow. So does brewing, I think. We were off last week and other than transferring a lot of beer around, waiting for it to force carbonate, and whittling down the major problems in the past few batches to our yeast strains (which have all been thrown out now and will be replaced with “fresh”, read untainted, yeast), there hasn’t honestly been a lot going on that’s very beer-related.  Even our mash-cot is getting a little lazy:

So, I bought enough stuff to do a try-again 5 gallon batch of Poztulator Wit yesterday, “just” 5 gallons to test the waters and make sure there’s nothing else in our brew process that requires immediate attention. Hoping we get to brew it this weekend. Moms come first tomorrow though, so we’ll see if we end up having time. We ought to be back on the wagon next week though, and most likely will be working with a brand-new pale ale recipe. We’ll keep you posted!